How Do You Get Jobs As a Model?


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Get jobs as a model by signing a contract with a modeling agency. These agencies connect models with casting agents, who provide them work in promotional photo shoots, fashion shows or other events. Agencies can help you find local jobs by responding to ads about open casting calls and providing headshots and resumes when necessary.

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The majority of work a model obtains comes through a modeling agency, talent agency or personal agent, as these entities represent models to clients. To sign with a modeling agency, you may need to show an existing body of work or participate in an interview with an agency representative. An interview can include demonstrating relevant skills and submitting to a photographic session so the representative can determine your niche. After you sign a contract, the agency works with clients to find you jobs, taking a percentage of any payment you receive as compensation.

It is possible to find jobs without the help of an agency by attending open casting calls, where you interview directly with the casting agent for the project. Some companies and events post ads looking for models on classified sites or other community locations. This helps to build your work history and gives you material for future applications.

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