How Do You Find Jobs With Janitorial Companies?

One of the easier ways to find jobs with janitorial companies would be to use the search feature on job search and career advice specialty websites, such as or Indeed is the world's leading job site with 180 million unique visitors each month, while Monster has been an online employment solution site for more than two decades, as stated on their respective websites.

The number of employed janitors and cleaners in the U.S. was estimated to be more than 2.1 million as of May 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The states of California and New York are the states with the highest employers of janitors and cleaners, while New York and Massachusetts are the top paying states for the particular occupations.

The following shows how to find jobs with janitorial companies using the search feature on the Indeed and Monster websites.

  1. Go to either website
  2. Type or into the browser and press Enter.

  3. Use the search tool
  4. The search tool on both Indeed and Monster websites are on their webpage. Enter the parameters for the search on the search fields. Type "janitorial" on the "what" field on Indeed and the "Search for Jobs" field on Monster. Type the city, state or ZIP on the location field on both websites to confine the search within a certain area.

  5. Search through the results
  6. Scroll through the results to find janitorial companies that are hiring. Click on the links to view more information about the job opening and to apply for the position.