What Are Some Jobs That Involve Working With Children?


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Jobs that allow the worker to interact with children include everything from a babysitter or nanny to a teacher or child psychologist. The major categories of jobs that involve children can be broken down into personal care, education, and health.

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Personal care would allow the worker to find jobs as a babysitter or as a nanny. These can often be much more flexible jobs, though the pay is on the lower end of the scale, ultimately due to the lower educational requirements. For education, the obvious route is a teacher. This requires additional higher education, but it allows constant interaction with students. Another option involved in education would be to become a librarian. Libraries are often full of children, and the librarian could help foster a young child's interest in reading.

In the health industry, child-centered jobs include a pediatric psychologist, a pediatric nurse, a speech and language pathologist, a pediatric nutritionist or any number of other jobs. These jobs would also require additional higher education, but the pay is typically better than it is in the education industry. While these jobs allow consistent interaction with children, there are a number of additional choices for someone who wishes to work with kids.

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