What Are Some Jobs That Involve Working With Animals?


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There is a wide variety of careers in which a person deals directly with animals, and other jobs that focus on working for animals, explains the ASPCA. A person looking to work with animals can pursue a range of jobs, such as a veterinarian, veterinary technician, wildlife rehabilitator, animal attendant and groomer.

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To become a veterinarian, a person must complete undergraduate school, and then four years of veterinary school. Afterward, they are permitted to remedy pet issues in a medical setting with the credentials to handle general animal health ailments and upkeep, or choose to only work in a specific concentration. To become a veterinary technician, students must graduate from a veterinary tech program to perform tasks similar to a nurse.

A wildlife rehabilitator takes in injured or sick wild animals and helps them heal before placing them into the wild or in a refuge. A wildlife rehabilitator must take courses on caring for injured wildlife and acquire the state and federal permits required to handle wildlife.

An animal attendant usually receives training on the job alongside a related bachelor’s degree to feed, groom, exercise and bathe animals. An animal attendant also cleans cages and keeps track of behavior changes in the animal environment. Groomers do not require a license as attendants do, but they learn grooming skills during training on their job.

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