What Are Some Jobs That Involve Driving Cars?

What Are Some Jobs That Involve Driving Cars?

Jobs that involve driving cars include stunt driver, factory test driver, private chauffeur and highway patrol officer. These are some of the highest paying driving jobs.

Film and television stunt drivers typically earn well when they are working, although jobs depend on the availability of projects. Requirements to become a stunt driver include exceptional physical fitness and a valid driver’s license. Attending stunt-driving school helps to increase the chances of finding jobs. Some schools also offer placement assistance.

Car manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler hire factory test drivers to evaluate various aspects of their vehicles during development. Drivers work as part of an engineering team, and job requirements may include basic or college-level auto mechanic coursework, depending on the employer.

The pay for a private chauffer job depends on the employer. Job description may include driving family members, running errands, maintaining the family’s vehicles, and keeping vehicle’s insurance coverage and registrations current. Requirements for the job typically include experience as a private chauffeur, a valid driver’s license, defensive driving training and a clean driving record.

Highway patrol officers spend most of their time driving on interstates, freeways and highways. Highway patrol applicants are typically required to be between 20 and 35 years of age. Other requirements include good vision, preferably no less than 20/40, normal color vision, successfully completing Highway Patrol Academy, and strong reading, comprehension and computer skills.