What Are Some Jobs That Involve Caring for Disabled Children?


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There are several very rewarding jobs that involve caring for a special needs child. These jobs include au pair, babysitter, mother's helper, nanny, respite care provider, certified therapist or in-home nurse. These positions often involve working in a family home environment. Some jobs are performed exclusively in a day care center, school or special needs treatment center.

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Taking a job working with special needs children requires someone that has plenty of patience and a strong desire to help disabled children develop essential life skills. A person who is interested in assisting parents take care of a child inside the home could look into becoming a helper or nanny. This type of position may involve interacting with the child while a parent supervises. There are different levels of care and experience required. For instance, a family may want a nanny to have prior experience taking care of a special needs child. Becoming a therapist involves getting the necessary education and training.

Day care centers and schools that have one or more children with special needs are also places to find jobs in this field. Working as a teaching assistant for special needs children provides many opportunities to interact directly with kids who have various disabilities.

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