What Are Some Jobs That Hire People at Age 14?

Teens who are 14 years of age can work part-time taking care of children or pets, or in retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and summer camps. Enterprising teens can also work independently to do odd jobs such as cutting grass or raking leaves.

Many 14-year-old teens are hired as babysitters for younger children, which is ideal for those who enjoy kids and can handle the responsibilities of childcare. A fun recreational job that involves working around younger kids is camp counselor. Pet sitting is an option that is perfect for a young person who loves animals. Teens who enjoy sports can look for work as golf caddies, coaching assistants or game referees for junior league teams.

Tutoring might be a job choice for teens who get good grades in a particular school subject. Tutors help struggling students get better grades. Teens who desire retail experience might seek work as stock people, cashiers or clerks. Alternatively, restaurants sometimes hire young teens to bus tables or wash dishes. Entertainment venues such as movie theatres and amusement parks often hire teens to work as ticket takers or ride attendants. By law, teens under age 16 can work a maximum of three hours per day during the school year.