What jobs are in high demand and have above average salaries?


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Some jobs that are high in demand and pay a good salary are medical jobs like being a physician or pharmacy manager, legal jobs and finance jobs. There are also jobs working with software and computer systems that pay well and have a good job outlook.

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Medical jobs like physician, dentist and pharmacy manager are not only high in demand but also pay very well. As of 2015, a physician makes an average salary of $212,000 a year with about 8,000 job openings. Salary varies slightly based on location and specialties.

In the pharmacy, the pharmacy manager makes the highest wage at about $131,000 a year. There are approximately 1,800 positions available in this field. Dentists make an average of $163,000 a year with a low unemployment rate.

Computer and technology-based careers like software architect, IT manager and software development manager make a decent wage and are still high in demand. A software engineer makes an average of $131,000 a year with over 3,000 available positions. A software development manager makes an average of $124,000 annually. IT managers make about $116,000 a year with over 17,000 available positions.

In finance and business, some of top-paying jobs that are high in demand include being a finance manager, tax manager and business operations manager. These positions pay $124,000 a year, $115,000 a year and $114,850 a year, respectively.

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