What Are Some Jobs Held by Federal Employees?


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Jobs held by federal employees may include administrative and clerical roles throughout various departments, security guards at major national landmarks and government offices, and analyst positions within defense or legislative sectors. Other jobs include screening agents with the Transportation Security Administration, technical support roles within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and advisory roles within various Homeland Security subdivisions.

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Many federal jobs focus on the daily operation of the entities' internal systems, including processing data, managing facilities and ensuring the function of office technology. Administrative positions are common across numerous agencies because each requires staff to support officials, handle the processing of paperwork, and manage the physical resources of the entity, such as office supplies. Similarly, these departments also employ many people in clerical positions, which may involve managing records, or transcribing information from interviews or official proceedings. It is also common for federal agencies to employ on-site security guards to protect personnel and property.

Another common field for federal employees is within the information technology sector, which may include ensuring the function of individual work terminals and office networks, as well as administrating security protocols for on-site data servers. Agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration also employ workers at multiple locations, typically airports, to ensure the safety of passengers. Other types of federal employee jobs include analyst and special agent roles within the investigative and criminal departments of the government.

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