What Are Some Jobs in the Field of Greeting Card Merchandising?


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Jobs in the field of greeting card merchandising typically include merchandiser positions covering stores over a specific route or on an on-call basis, wherein the employee restocks and reorders cards on a regular basis. Other careers can focus on the creation of plan-o-grams, designing physical store displays, and the installation of actual display equipment at various locations.

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Greeting card merchandising covers many of the same basic concepts of general merchandising, as primary responsibilities involve organizing and reviewing the inventory of a retail location to meet current company standards for appearance and product availability. Merchandiser jobs can include visiting multiple stores on a regular basis to restock the supply of cards at each location, reorder the cards so that they sit in the correct location, and replenish missing envelopes. The merchandiser is also responsible for rotating out any seasonal cards and replacing them with new inventory in a timely manner.

Some merchandisers may have a similar set of responsibilities, but focus on supporting a primary merchandiser or only working if one calls in sick or takes time off. Greeting card merchandising can also include the creation of plan-o-grams, which are visual guides that demonstrate how the cards need to appear in the display. Some merchandisers may also help design the displays for stores, install special inserts or stands at stores, and make other modifications to the display areas at retail locations.

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