What Are Some Jobs at the FAA?

What Are Some Jobs at the FAA?

The Federal Aviation Administration employs people in numerous positions. Jobs at the FAA are divided into four career fields: aviation, executive, professional and technical. A few example jobs include air traffic controllers, contract specialists, aerospace engineers and aviation safety inspectors.

Aviation careers include air traffic controllers, technical operations specialists and aviation safety inspectors. Air traffic controllers work at airports and guide aircraft through the nation's airspace. Technical operations specialists work with radar, communications, navigation aids and airport lighting to ensure safe, efficient flight operations. Aviation safety inspectors include operations inspectors, airworthiness inspectors, avionics inspectors and maintenance inspectors.

Executive careers include officers, executives and senior professionals. Officers provide strategic vision and leadership. They also forge alliances with industry and other government agencies. Executives manage staff organizations and programs. They are the link between officers and operational staff. Senior professionals are experts in a specific technical area. They also supervise small groups of technicians.

Professional careers include acquisition specialists, contract specialists, community planners and human resource specialists. Acquisition specialists manage FAA purchasing programs, while contract specialists administer contracts, and community planners assure that airports are safe and that they meet FAA design standards. Human resource specialists handle recruitment, placement, termination and other employee issues.

Technical workers include engineers and electronics technicians. The FAA employs aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers. Electronics technicians install and maintain electronic equipment.

The FAA also employs numerous administrative and clerical employees.