What Are Some Jobs That Are Expected to Experience Growth?


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Jobs with an expectation to experience growth include positions as registered nurses, retail sales associates, marketing consultants, accountants and home medical care providers. Other industries with career growth projections include both commercial and residential construction, information technology, civil engineering and translation services, as of 2015.

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The health care industry contains various positions with expectations for career growth, due to both the profitability of the field and the increasing demand for care in various communities, particularly in areas related to nursing. Similarly, home care aide jobs also have growth projections, as many more patients wish to obtain treatment outside of a hospital environment.

Several aspects of the business sector also contain jobs with high growth projections, particularly in relation to financial services. Many retail companies also continue to open new locations and thus require hiring more employees to fill sales associate positions. Many companies also expect to expand existing marketing departments in order to accommodate the growing competition from new and existing businesses. Similarly, many marketing consulting firms project career growth to match the needs of clients.

The construction industry also contains several careers with growth projections directly related to the needs of expanding corporations and small businesses. These careers typically include skilled trades, such as electrical engineering, carpentry and masonry. Civil engineering jobs and home renovation jobs also contain strong projections for growth.

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