What Are Some Jobs for Ex-Military Veterans?

What Are Some Jobs for Ex-Military Veterans?

Police offer, entrepreneurial and civilian public service positions are several jobs for military veterans. Teaching is also suitable for military veterans, as they are adept at preserving order and imparting knowledge to others. Former military personnel with skill sets relevant to technology can work as information technology professionals.

Military veterans possess characteristics similar to police offers, making them ideal to work in the law enforcement field. Like soldiers, police offers uphold the same aspiration to serve the country and protect their fellow countrymen.

When it comes to working as teachers, military veterans may enjoy benefits such as generous vacation periods and more work opportunities through coaching, tutoring and conducting extra classes. Another possible career for ex-military personnel is to become an entrepreneur by franchising or building a new company.

The nonprofit association SCORE, which partners with the U.S. Small Business Administration in providing business counseling, reports that many U.S. veterans choose to buy or manage businesses. Military veterans possess key entrepreneurial traits, especially discipline.

Other potential jobs for ex-military personnel include training and development managerial positions and ship engineer jobs. Some military veterans may also work as telecommunication equipment managers, software developers, administrative service managers or industrial engineering technicians. Some construction firms prefer military veterans, who previously worked in the U.S. Army Engineers, for construction program managerial positions.