What Jobs Come With Free Room Rental Agreements?

Jobs that may include free room rental agreements include house sitting, live-in pet sitting, nannying and volunteer farming. Finding a job that includes free rent typically requires the applicant to agree to spend a certain number of hours performing specific tasks. Free room and board agreements are for short-term and long-term assignments.

Homeowners who prefer not leaving their home unoccupied during stretches of time away seek individuals willing to live in their home in exchange for free room and board. House sitters are expected to be responsible and do whatever tasks are requested to maintain the home. Typical tasks might include minor cleaning and watering plants.

A live-in pet sitter is a house sitter with the extra duty of taking care of the family pets while the owners are away. Duties might include dog walking, changing the litter box, feeding and playing with pets. House and pet sitting opportunities are available on sites such as House Sitters America.

Becoming a nanny is another way to live rent-free in a home. Nannies are responsible for child care duties, and interested individuals can seek positions within the United States or abroad.

Working Weekends on Organic Farms is an organization that matches volunteer farm workers with organic farmers. Organization members can find opportunities to live rent-free on a farm for a few days, a month or longer.