What Jobs Can Someone Get With an Associate Degree in Human Services?

Some of the jobs one can get with an associate degree in human services include social work assistant, case management aide, probation officer, community outreach worker and substance abuse counselor. These jobs are considered among the most lucrative to people with degree-level qualification.

Below are some of the jobs a person can get with an associate degree in human services and what each one entails.

Substance abuse counselor

These professionals have the responsibility of caring for those who are addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol. Their services involve treatment, counseling, offering support and even monitoring the progress made by patients.

Probation officer

In this position, one formulates plans for helping criminal offenders in order for them to change their ways. The probation officer closely monitors offenders and offers advice and ensures that offenders live according to the requirements placed by law.

Community outreach worker

A community outreach worker helps in organizing community based services that may include education, health services and youth training. The position may be considered administrative as it allow the professional to coordinate fundraisers and other support programs.

Social work assistant

Here a professional works under a social worker in order to help those affected by drug abuse, poverty, domestic violence and other societal ills.

Case management aide

In this position, one is required to work under a case manager in order to help those considered as low income earners, the disabled and the elderly. The job entails planning, data entry, file maintenance and screening of clients.