What Jobs Can You Get With a Psychology Degree?


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The types of jobs available with a psychology degree range from psychiatric technician, community services manager, correctional officer and health educator to school counselor, clinical psychologist and college professor. Different career paths are available for those with an undergraduate degree than for those who have a graduate or doctoral degree.

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Individuals with associate's degrees may find work as mental health or social work assistants. Those with bachelor's degrees could work as a police officer or human resources specialist. There are also some counseling and victim advocate jobs that require a bachelor's degree in psychology. Alternatively, a psychology graduate may choose a completely different career path, such as sales, advertising or teaching, in which she can apply her knowledge.

The majority of jobs available for those who have a degree in psychology require a master's degree or a doctoral degree in the field. An advanced degree also may be a requirement to become licensed in the field, but this varies depending on state law. Those with master's degrees may find work as therapists, counselors, social workers, human resources professionals or school counselors. Those with doctoral degrees may choose to work as clinical psychologists or even in research positions. Positions in teaching psychology also are available to those at the doctoral level.

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