What are some jobs you can do if you need to get cash quickly?


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Some jobs to help a person make cash quickly are babysitting, house-sitting, watching pets, mowing lawns or cleaning homes. Performing chores such as ironing, cleaning gutters, raking leaves, pulling weeds or shoveling snow are also good ways for someone to make money fast. Jobs that include tips, such as waiting tables, working as a bartender, delivering pizzas, working hotel hospitality or driving a taxi can also help an individual raise funds in a hurry.

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There are more unusual cash-based jobs that require specialized skills. If someone plays the guitar or other musical instrument, performs magic tricks, creates balloon animals or mimes, she can work as a street busker in a busy section of her city and collect donations from spectators. If an individual bakes desserts, sews clothing or stuffed animals, or grows flowers, fruits or vegetables, he can sell his wares to local merchants, at street fairs or in front of his home.

Certain websites allow a user to earn money and receive payment to her bank account, typically in a few days. Amazon Mechanical Turk allows workers to earn small payments by performing simple tasks that are difficult to automate. Fiverr.com lets users post jobs they are able to perform, such as simple website administrative work, for payments beginning at $5, as of 2015.

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