What Jobs Can I Do From My Home?

Customer service and call-center positions are just two options in the telecommute category. Another possibility for a work-at-home position is in medical services, which includes billing, records coding and file transcription. Legitimate telecommute jobs for virtual assistants and concierge services can also be found.

For call-center positions, workers can expect to pay for equipment, background checks and training fees. A high-speed Internet connection, landline and a headset are required. These jobs generally consist of customer service support and order processing, along with lead qualification calls. Some jobs pay per hour, and some pay by the minute.

Medical services telecommute jobs generally require on-the-job experience or previous training. Local hospitals, doctors' offices or clinics may be willing to provide the names of services they utilize, thus providing a lead for job opportunities.

Having prior experience, a computer with an Internet connection and a phone are also a plus when applying for virtual assistant positions. Services provided by a virtual assistant can range from personal-assistant duties to duties performed by a concierge at a hotel.

One government report estimates 98 percent of work-at-home jobs are scams. Jobs offering to pay big money for stuffing envelopes and at-home assembly work should be avoided. Search the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission websites for information about potential employers.