What Jobs Can You Get With a Gerontology Certificate?


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A gerontology certificate can be used to apply for a range of jobs including social worker, physical therapist, family practitioner, pharmacist and nurse. Experienced gerontologists may have the opportunity to become administrators of heath care facilities or heads of academic departments.

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Gerontology is the study of geriatrics, a field which focuses on the psychology, biology and social aspects of ageing. Over 500 universities, colleges and career institutes across the United States offer formal training in gerontology, at various levels. It is possible to gain entry-level jobs in gerontology upon the completion of a two-year associate's degree. However, to conduct research, teach at university level or practise gerontology in the medical field, complete a master's degree, professional degree or doctorate.

The field of gerontology is growing and, subsequently, there are plentiful employment opportunities for gerontologists. This is due to a steep rise in baby birth rates following World War II. Known as the baby-boom generation, people who were born during this period are expected to enjoy longer lifespans than previous generations. This means a rapid growth in the number of elderly in the United States through to at least 2029, with some of this generation expected to live well into the 2050s.

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