What Jobs Can a Game Designer Perform?


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Game designers typically work for video game developers and can perform numerous jobs, including conceptual design, quality control and coding, Sokanu.com reports. This includes plot development, art and sound concepts as well as programming. The average salary for a video game designer is $83,240, as of 2015.

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What Jobs Can a Game Designer Perform?
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Game designers are involved in nearly every step of creating a video game, from initial concept to completed programming, according to World Wide Learn. Some game designers specialize in creating lines of code, while others concentrate on more specific facets, such as creating and engineering a video game soundtrack. Since video game themes are widely diverse, many game designers prefer to specialize in a specific game genre, and employers often seek out such specialists for projects. Game designers typically work in jobs that are highly detail-oriented, and much of the work can involve long hours and tight deadlines, which often creates high-pressure work environments.

Education for game designers varies, and both associate and bachelor's degrees in the field are offered at many colleges, WorldWideLearn explains. Since game design tasks fall under a wide umbrella, a game design degree requires a diverse curriculum of classes. Prospective game design students should expect to take multiple levels of mathematics, advanced levels of computer programming languages and various creative humanities classes.

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