What Are Some Jobs That Can Be Done With Tower Cranes?


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Some jobs that can be done with tower cranes are involved in the shipping and construction industries. In construction, tower cranes lift steel, concrete and other materials used in the development of a large building structure. Tower cranes in shipping are used in lifting large containers and placing them onto ships to be transported. Tower crane operators are essential in these industries because of the large loads that have to be moved.

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Tower crane operators must possess intrinsic qualities, as well as mechanical training that helps them perform their tasks both safely and efficiently. In order for an individual to work as a tower crane operator, he has to go through on-the-job training. The training usually lasts three to four years and also includes learning in classroom settings, construction sites and labs. Tower crane operators must also be very meticulous and pay sharp attention to detail, as a wrong move can result in massive damage and put lives at risk.

A high school diploma is also required to be a tower crane operator. Tower crane operators are also required to follow established guidelines on load limits for tower cranes. The median salary for tower crane operators is $48,630 per year. The profession also has also great medical benefits.

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