What Jobs Can You Get With a Criminology Degree?


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Students with a degree in criminology may work in police departments as criminologists, developing procedures and policies, or in a government office as a criminal profiler or crime analyst. A degree in criminology may also prepare a student for a career in forensics, forensic psychology or law enforcement.

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A degree in criminology may also prepare a student for a position within law enforcement, such as a police officer, detective, police dispatcher or criminal investigator. A career in the corrections industry, such as a corrections officer, probation officer or community control officer, is also possible for those with a criminology degree.

Students seeking federal or state positions may seek work as an FBI special agent, secret service special agent or U.S. Border Patrol agent. Positions as a U.S. Marshal, drug enforcement agency detective or criminal investigator for the federal government are often obtainable with a criminology degree.

A student with a degree in criminology may also seek positions within the military as an Air Force police officer, Navy crime investigator or military detective.

Many criminology graduates also find themselves working at local, state or federal government agencies as forensic scientists, ballistic experts, blood stain pattern analysts, forensic anthropologists, DNA experts, toxicologists or serologists.

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