What Jobs Can You Get With Your CDL License?

A commercial driver's license primarily opens up job opportunities in a broad range of truck driving companies. Other career opportunities include becoming a tractor trailer driver and a long-haul driver. Job opportunities for commercial driver's license holders are different in each state.

To obtain a CDL, candidates must provide a current driver's license, hold a clean driving record and pass a physical exam. The government regulates commercial driver's licenses through Class A CDL permit tests, as commercial driver's licenses require more knowledge and experience than standard motor vehicle licenses. This ensures greater road safety. However, in addition to holding a CDL, some companies request that new drivers shadow experienced drivers to learn details of routes and loading protocols.

The CDL test is separated into two sections: a written knowledge test and a practical skills test. Competence in road skills is a requirement of passing the test. Other elements of the test include vehicle inspection, gaining experience in different driving conditions and correct handling of turns, reversing and parking.

Each state's Department of Motor Vehicle's website contains information on what is required to obtain a CDL. Requirements differ by state, so it is important to research fully what is required before beginning training.