What Are Some Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?


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The most common job that a student with a bachelors degree in psychology obtains is in the industry of human or social services. These positions include case management worker, career counselor, rehabilitation specialist and psychiatric technician.

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Certain skills are acquired from a bachelors degree in psychology, including learning how to access a client's needs, accurate record keeping and acting in the best interest of the client. Interpersonal skills are also strengthened with a psychology degree. The degree requires the study of human behavior and how the mind works; this allows success in a position in which communication is vital. Examples of jobs that require strong communication include sales, marketing and case management. Other skills that a student with a bachelors degree in psychology acquires during school are excellent research and writing abilities. Jobs that make use of these skills, such as a library assistant, probation officer and business manager, are also good options for students with a bachelors degree in psychology.

A bachelors degree in psychology generally leads to a graduate degree. It can serve as a first step towards a graduate degree in business school or law school. If the student desires to be a licensed psychologist, continuing education at the graduate level is necessary.

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