What Jobs Can You Get With an Associate Degree in Business?

An associate degree in business opens the door to a variety of entry-level jobs, including bookkeeping clerk, administrative assistant, advertising sales agent and customer service supervisor, in a variety of fields, such as human resources, accounting and marketing. Work as an office manager, coordinating administrative operations and staff, is another potential job for those with an associate in business degree. Working as a buyer or purchasing agent is also an option, which involves negotiating with vendors and managing delivery schedules.

Work as an account manager, another area of employment for associate level business graduates, involves managing customer relations with a set of assigned customers, understanding their needs, developing new collaborative opportunities and improving customer satisfaction. Some business graduates work as executive assistants. In this role they provide administrative support to an organization’s top-level management. In addition to typical administrative tasks such as managing files, sorting mail and processing general correspondence, executive assistants also conduct research, often supervise clerical staff, analyze data and prepare statistical reports.

Applicable entry-level jobs in the human resources field include human resources assistant or generalist positions and in banking, work as a loan officer. In addition to work as a bookkeeper or bookkeeping clerk, those with the associate degree in business also often work as accounting clerks, assigned to coordination of accounts receivable and accounts payable, for example, or as audit clerks working with certified public accountants.