What Jobs Can I Do at the Age of 12?

At the age of 12, a young person can work a job that requires lower responsibility such as babysitting younger children. Babysitting requires patience and a watchful eye to entertain young kids and keep them safe.

Yard work is another popular job for a 12-year old who enjoys being outdoors. Relatives and neighbors often pay a young person to rake and pick up leaves, mow the lawn and perhaps help tend to a garden. To begin offering yard work service, a young person can print up advertising flyers and distribute them throughout the neighborhood or go door to door, speaking directly with homeowners. A related outdoor service is shoveling snow from walkways and sidewalks during the winter months.

The time-honored lemonade stand is a welcome sight on a hot summer day. An enterprising youngster can sell cold lemonade, iced tea and fruit punch by the cup. Adding homemade cookies, brownies or cupcakes to the menu is a way to increase sales. Young people who love pets can offer pet-sitting services. Pet sitting is similar to babysitting except that the duties entail making sure pets are cared for while the owners are away. This type of service may also involve feeding and walking pets.