What Jobs Can I Get at the Age of 11?


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Federal and state laws limit the type of work minors under the age of 14 can perform for pay. Generally speaking, children under the age of 14 can work neighborhood jobs such as newspaper delivery and yard and lawn care. They can also be a mother's helper, babysit, wash cars, walk dogs or house sit. Children under 14 can work as performers or for their parents' farms or businesses.

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For kids interested in babysitting, the Red Cross offers babysitter classes. Summer job possibilities for teens also include lifeguarding and camp counseling. Child labor laws generally prohibit minors under the age of 16 from working in hazardous jobs. These include mining and manufacturing or operating heavy machinery, though there are exceptions for school-to-work training or apprenticeship programs.

Many states have additional laws governing the employment of minors, such as requiring workers to be at least 14 years old. Other states have restrictions related to school attendance that set limits on the number of hours a minor can work during the school week or the times of day a minor can work. For example, in Georgia, no person age 14 or 15 can work when the local schools are in session, even if that minor is married or homeschooled, according to the Georgia Department of Labor. During the summer, many states also enforce limits on the total number of hours a minor may work.

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