What Are Some Jobs Available at UPS?

What Are Some Jobs Available at UPS?

UPS has jobs for package handlers, drivers and mechanics. The company also hires for a range of standard business positions, such as IT, sales, customer service, logistics and corporate operations.

Package handlers transport and sort packages by lifting, lowering and sliding them. It is a physical job and requires the ability to lift up to 70 pounds. Schedules are often part-time, and a great deal of temporary hiring is done during the holiday season.

Drivers are also needed nationwide for package deliveries, and mechanics are needed to maintain the fleet of delivery vehicles. Driver helpers are hired for temporary positions during the holiday season.

Sales and customer service jobs can be found in the inventory management, supply chain solution, global freight and customer relations areas of the company among other branches. It is also possible to work at UPS Store retail locations.

UPS also maintains a large IT department in order to track packages. Jobs in this area range from general IT technicians to specialists who become familiar with package sorting and shipping equipment.

Jobs in logistics and operations involve synchronizing the movement of goods globally and include the fields of finished goods distribution, global trade management, customs clearance, compliance and handling domestic and international freight.