What Jobs Are Available for Small Vehicle Hot Shot Drivers?

Jobs hauling oil and gas industry equipment are traditionally the predominant hot shot jobs, but hot shot drivers also work for courier services, delivering urgent documents and small packages, or as daily delivery drivers. Hot shop jobs usually involve small cargo and rushed deliveries. As of January 2016, Interstate Batteries and Sysco both had openings for hot shot drivers in Texas.

Most hot shot positions are on contract and the driver supplies the vehicle. Hot Shot Logistics, with locations in Maine, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas and Kansas, hires over-the-road hotshot drivers through an owner-operator package, which includes free cargo and liability insurance, free filing of fuel and mileage taxes, and safety incentives. Hot Shot Logistics pays drivers 75 percent of the load payment. 3B Transportation out of Baltimore, Ohio, hires hot shot drivers for weekday deliveries only and drivers must have a 3/4-ton truck, 2007 or newer, with a 30-foot goose-neck trailer. Market Transport's hot shot division operates out of Portland, Oregon, Tallmadge, Ohio, and Rockford, Illinois. The company's hot shot drivers haul foam insulation via the customer's fleet, return empty and receive payment for all dispatched miles.

Starting a business as an independent hot shot driver involves securing authority to operate as a for-hire motor carrier and a U.S. Department of Transportation identification number as well as bodily injury, property damage, business liability and self-employment insurance. Independent drivers also need a process agent in each state they pass through.