How Do You Find Jobs Available in Your Area?

How Do You Find Jobs Available in Your Area?

To find available jobs in your area, use local job search sites, upload your CV to local jobs boards, network and read local newspapers. Tailor your resume to each employer and position for which you are applying.

Doing research on all the companies in and around your area is a good way to find open positions, including those that are not advertised externally. Send speculative applications to receive exposure to unadvertised positions and potentially gain the interest of prospective employers should a position open in the future. Use local job search sites regularly to stay up-to-date on companies that are hiring.

Upload you resume or CV to local jobs board databases to become visible to recruiters. Interested recruiters may get in touch if they are impressed with the application. Sign up with multiple recruitment agencies, and follow up each week to find out about the latest vacancies.

Network with family, friends and colleagues, preferably those in the industry in which you are interested, and let them know that you are looking for a job. Close networks can offer valuable information on existing positions or positions that may be available in the future.

Lastly, read the recruitment sections of local newspapers to find companies that are hiring. Reading local newspapers is also a good way to understand the industries that thrive in the local area.