What Are Some Jobs and Their Associated Degrees?


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Jobs that require two-year degrees include nursing, dental hygiene and paralegal work. Occupations that require four-year degrees include personal finance advising, with a degree in accounting, or mechanical engineering, with a possible degree in applied physics or engineering.

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Some associate degree programs target specific career fields. Careers as pharmacy technicians or physical therapy assistants often require certifications and/or degrees solely in those fields of practice. Additional specialized associate degrees include preschool teachers, science technicians and computer support specialists.

Other careers, such as those in clinical psychology, don't have one specific area of study associated with them, but have related college majors, such as sociology, psychology, social work or special education. Individuals interested in becoming government lawyers may hold degrees in English, history, philosophy, or economics. Those who desire jobs as computer systems analysts may obtain bachelor's degrees in applied mathematics, computer science or information technology.

Similar to an associate degree, there are graduate degrees that are also specific to fields of practice. For example, a career as an advanced-practice nurse, such as a nurse practitioner, typically requires a master's degree in nursing. Physical therapists must complete a doctor of physical therapy degree program in order to meet state requirements for practice.

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