What Jobs Ask for Writing Samples?


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Jobs that ask for a writing sample may include positions such as sales agents, administrative assistants, researchers or teachers, as well as a variety of management roles. Other career fields that frequently ask employees for writing samples include journalism, marketing copy writing, entertainment writing and public relations.

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Some employers ask applicants to submit writing samples along with a resume, cover letter and other job application to gauge aspects such as communication skills, vocabulary, writing style and knowledge of specific procedures and formats. In most cases, jobs that ask for a writing sample typically involve writing as a primary aspect of its responsibilities, thus making the submission of a sample an aspect of the interview process. As such, the first step to submitting a sample is to understand the type of sample the employer wishes to see. Many job descriptions include guidelines on the type of writing necessary, though if none is available, the applicant should always ask the hiring manager.

The sample should always reflect the nature of the job, such as an article for a newspaper job or a press release for a public relations job. In general, it is best for applicants to write a new document specifically for the job, though it is also possible to edit an existing piece as well. This allows the applicant to customize the language and content to highlight the specific aspects for which the company wishes to see in an applicant.

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