What Are Some Jobs in Animal Science?


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Jobs in animal science include livestock production manager, animal scientist, meat grader and livestock insurance representative. It is possible to be self-employed in a job involving animal sciences. Careers can also be located on a farm, in an industrial setting, an educational setting and in public facilities, such as a zoo.

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What Are Some Jobs in Animal Science?
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There are over 500 job classifications for animal science degree holders. As technology advances and needs grow, the amount and variety of jobs increase. Those educated in animal sciences can work with feed and equipment manufacturers, meat processing companies, food distributors and pharmaceutical firms that provide medicines for animals in a management, quality assurance, consumer services or sales position. Government agencies also use those with a animal sciences background for positions in environmental regulation, animal health, public information and disease control.

Those who wish to seek self-employment in the animal sciences fields can pursue careers in animal breeding, livestock marketing, management services and kennel and animal clinics operation. Educational organizations seek those with an animal sciences background for teaching and researching positions, and laboratory and extension specialists often require a strong animal science background.

Positions in government agencies, such as the National Cattlemen's Association and National Dairy Herd Improvement Association, seek those with an animal science background to educate the public on health concerns related to meat consumption.

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