What Are Some Jobs for Animal Lovers?

jobs-animal-lovers Credit: Martin Sundberg/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

Animal lovers may enjoy careers as zoologists, veterinarians, marine biologists, pet groomers, trainers, therapists, wildlife rehabilitators, aquarists and zookeepers. Animal lovers who don't want to work directly with animals on a daily basis can pursue advocacy careers, such as humane educators, animal rights lobbyists, magazine publishers and curators.

Health-related careers involve caring for animals' physical ailments and fostering healthy development. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians primarily work with domestic pets, while wildlife rehabilitators help animals in the wild recover from injuries and illnesses. Trainers and therapists care for animals' behavioral needs, instilling discipline and discouraging harmful behavioral patterns.

People who enjoy caring for an animal's everyday needs can become zookeepers, aquarists, kennel workers, dog walkers, pet groomers and pet sitters. These hands-on careers often offer on-the-job training and allow people to work in sociable environments where they provide support and companionship to animals.

Zoology and marine biology careers may attract animal lovers interested in research and scientific study. These high-level careers typically require graduate study, and professionals find employment in various industries, including agriculture, education, government policy and environmental advocacy.

A lifelong fascination with animal wildlife can also be applied to administrative or creative careers. Photojournalists, magazine editors, writers, illustrators and art directors help educate the public about animals and spread awareness about threats to wildlife. Zoo and aquarium curators manage the daily operations of animal exhibits, while humane law enforcement workers regulate the care and treatment of animals in kennels and other facilities.