How Do You Get a Job at a Zoo?


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Begin the process of getting a job at the zoo by researching different career options and attaining the necessary education for the position you wish to obtain. Seek out volunteer internships to gain hands-on experience and become more confident in a zoo setting. Lastly, seek out job listings in places such as the Association of Zoos and Aquarium website and individual zoo websites.

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Examples of job positions in a zoo include veterinarian, zoo keeper, zoologist and exhibit technician. The educational requirements to work in a zoo can range anywhere from a high school diploma to a doctorate degree. Some people get hired as exhibit technicians with only a high school diploma, while the veterinarians who work in the zoo must attend veterinary school after finishing an undergraduate degree. Depending on the employer, a zoo keeper position may require an Associate or bachelor's degree. Employers often prefer candidates with a master's or doctoral degree for zoologist positions.

A zoologist manages the animals in the zoo and participates in research or conservation projects. Zoo keepers are responsible for providing the animals with basic daily care, such as feedings and cleanings. Exhibit technicians are involved in designing exhibits for the public to view. Exhibit technicians must be knowledgeable about the environmental needs of the animals to ensure they have enough space, the proper climate and comfortable living spaces.

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