How Do You Get a Job Working at Yelp?


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To get a job at Yelp, locate the careers page on the Yelp website, search through the job listings, study the details of the job you are interested in and fill out an online application. You need a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile page to submit with your application.

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  1. Prepare your supplementary materials

    Write a well-laid-out, comprehensive resume that includes your personal information, educational background, job experience and special talents. Your cover letter should include the reasons you are drawn to a career at Yelp. Your LinkedIn profile page should include most of the information on your resume. Add extra materials such as photos, videos and links to any recommendations, awards and professional websites to make your profile stand out.

  2. Locate the Yelp careers page

    Scroll to the bottom of the main page on the Yelp website. Under the heading "More," click on "Careers." This takes you to the Yelp careers page.

  3. Browse the job listings

    Underneath the general articles and videos with information on working at Yelp is a listing of all the jobs currently available. These are broken into categories such as college, product, engineering, corporate infrastructure, sales and operations. Click on specific job listings to find out more information, such as specific responsibilities, requirements and employee benefits.

  4. Fill out an application

    Once you find the job that you are interested in, click "Apply Now" on the job page. Fill out the application. Upload your resume and cover letter, and provide the link to your LinkedIn profile.

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