What Does a Job Working on a Food Service Crew Entail?

Working as part of a food service crew typically entails being a team player, having good-to-excellent knowledge of different foods and beverages and having basic knowledge of how to prepare foods and food safety knowledge. Depending on the restaurant and position, a food service crew member may also work in the front of the house as a waiter or bartender.

Counter service crew members may greet new customers, take their orders, handle food and expedite the orders. They may also operate kitchen equipment, organize inventory and clean areas such as lavatories and food handling areas. In a full-service restaurant, a food service crew member may be a server who greets a specific guest, takes food and drink orders and brings the food and beverages in a timely fashion. This position also requires food handling and light cleaning in service and kitchen areas.

A bartender is also part of a food service crew. He may take drink orders and small food orders. He is responsible for learning and memorizing different drink recipes, greeting his clients and serving his clients in a timely manner. A busboy or bar back is also part of a food service crew and is responsible for general cleanliness and tidiness.