How Do You Get the Job You Want?


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To get the job he wants, an individual should be flexible with his expectations, perfect his cover letter and resume, network, be prepared for the interview and wear the proper attire to the interview. It's also beneficial to learn how to negotiate a salary and follow up on the interview.

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By having flexible expectations, an individual might find a good job opportunity from a small or lesser known company or from an unexpected source, such as a job board from a previous college or university. A well-written and prepared resume and cover letter can also help land the perfect job. It's a good idea to specifically tailor a resume for each application's job position.

Professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn, can be used for networking. Professionals who are working in the same industry might be able to help an individual find the job he wants, inform him of leads and help him make industry connections. The individual may benefit from first establishing the fact that he is interested in a position with a specific company before asking for a job.

Once an interview has been scheduled, the applicant should do research beforehand in order to learn as much as possible about the company, its mission, history and where it's headed. This information can prove useful in the interview and make the applicant look more eager and prepared.

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