How Do You Get a Job on Wall Street?


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Getting a job on Wall Street is possible by earning a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration, which is a requirement for most positions in investment banking. Acing the job interview is essential to securing an entry-level position. Financial sector employers prefer ambitious, hard-working and market savvy applicants.

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Interview preparation is important when applying to Wall Street positions. Confidence that doesn't come off as cockiness is necessary when meeting interviewers, and first impressions are also important. Applicants must make good eye contact and have a firm handshake. Employers prefer applicants who provide brief, concise answers to interview questions while demonstrating the ability to intelligently solve problems.

It also helps to be open-minded when interviewing for jobs in the investment and money management sectors. While a position as an investment associate may be preferable, working as a mail room clerk can also provide a foot in the door. It is possible for an individual to work his way up to a prominent position in a company after starting in a less-prestigious position. Wall Street jobs are highly competitive, and someone seeking a career as an investment banker, stockbroker or mutual fund manager must be willing to pay his dues. The work is often stressful and the work hours are long.

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