How Do You Get a Job With Unionized Trucking Companies?


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The process of being hired by a unionized trucking company is similar to other jobs; submit an application or resume with the company for an open position, and interview with the company. If hired for a union-specific job at a unionized trucking company, the applicant typically has 30 days from the hire date to apply for admission to that company's union local.

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Most fully and partially unionized trucking companies are less-than-truckload freight companies. These companies haul many small freight deliveries in one trailer to a variety of customers in a localized geographic area. This contrasts with full-truckload and over-the-road freight carriers, which deliver an entire trailer to one customer. The latter type of freight company is typically not unionized.

The Teamsters Union, comprised of 440 local chapters as of 2015, covers 22 divisions of different general industries, including the freight division that most unionized trucking companies fall under. Most union locals feature an independent website, found via the main Teamsters website under the Locals heading. Select a division, U.S. state or Canadian province from the drop-down lists to display the chapters pertaining to the selections. Union locals are numerically ordered in a list and detail which divisions they cover and feature a link to the local website, which often features job listings.

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