What Are Some Job Titles for Sales Management?


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Titles for sales management include sales executive, account manager, director of sales and account executive. Sales managers are responsible for leading an organization's sales team.

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Sales management professionals have many responsibilities. They lead sales teams by setting sales goals and quotas, assigning territories, providing training materials and mentoring sales associates. They are also responsible for hiring new employees and termination.

Managers are required to analyze and interpret sales data and statistics. This allows them to create effective strategies to improve sales and increase profitability. When staff members are struggling, sales executives can use performance data to show employees their closing trends and offer suggestions for improvement.

Account executives must also possess interpersonal skills since they interact with all members of the sales force, including sales associates, marketing executives and inventory personnel. They must also use their people skills to interact with customers. They need to use problem-solving skills to resolve customer issues and complaints. Sales managers also need strong listening skills to demonstrate sincerity to customers.

Many sales executives travel extensively for work. They may be required to travel to local, regional or national offices, depending on the size of the company. They may also travel to dealers' and distributors' locations.

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