How Do You Get a Job As a Tanker Truck Driver?


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Obtain a job as a tanker trucker by visiting general job-hunting sites such as Indeed.com and Monster.com or specialty trucking job listing sites such as HiringDriversNow.com and EveryTruckJob.com and submitting an online application. Alternately, certain trucking companies post listings for tanker truck driver jobs on their own sites, with either electronic or paper application processes.

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Indeed.com contains a wealth of job listings from various companies, including the tools to view tanker truck driving jobs exclusively. Listings appear as short summaries of the position responsibilities and requirements, and each includes a link to the website of the company offering the job.

Monster.com also offers search tools to filter available listings down to tanker truck driving jobs, as well as additional options to sort according to location, salary and employment type. The site allows users to submit applications electronically; however, it also provides the contact details for the hiring manager for each position that may require one to separately send a resume.

HiringDriversNow.com exclusively features listings for truck driving job positions with tools that allow users to create accounts to manage resumes and quickly apply to various jobs. The site also includes information about local job fairs and the option to view all listings from a particular company.

EveryTruckingJob.com also offers electronic applications, as well as the contact details for each company for paper submissions. The specific application methods for listings on a company's site vary, though instructions typically appear with each job listing.

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