What Are Some Job Search Tips?


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According to Forbes Magazine, when searching for a job, practice with tough questions for interviews, stay active by doing volunteer or contract and freelance work and, if possible, expand the job search parameters to include more positions. About.com recommends taking advantage of job search help at local college or university career services centers, unemployment offices and libraries.

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Forbes also recommends joining a professional association that provides networking and marketing opportunities. If they haven't already, job searchers should join LinkedIn, take full advantage of its features and fill out their profiles completely. These profiles showcase experience, education, achievements, current volunteer or contract work and membership in professional groups. Searchers should post their resumes and use LinkedIn to reach out to people, join various online groups and search for job openings.

Job searchers should set incremental goals, such as applying for five jobs per week. An example of a monthly goal is to write another type of cover letter after evaluating what seems to be going well in the job search and what potential issues or obstacles there have been or might be. To identify these, job searchers should look for patterns, which could include rarely getting called in for a second interview or having more success with a certain type of cover letter.

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