How Do You Get a Job As an RV Delivery Driver?


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The basic requirements for a job as an RV delivery driver include earning a commercial driver's license, passing a DOT physical and possessing a social security card. Potential applicants can usually find a job as an RV delivery driver with a vehicle delivery company such as Classic Transport, notes the company's official website.

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To get a job driving RVs from the factory to a dealer or one RV lot to another, applicants must make sure they meet requirements such as a possessing commercial driver's license. Some companies even prefer a Class A CDL license, notes CWRVTransport.com.

During the application process, potential drivers must also submit a motor vehicle report from their local DMV, a pre-employment screening, a work history and be able to pass a DOT Physical.

Transport companies typically require drivers to have their own truck that's large enough to haul a fifth wheel. Applicants may need to have certain pieces of equipment including a computer, portable printer and a cellphone with voicemail. The delivery service may also expect the driver to carry a certain amount of insurance on his vehicle. Applicants can usually work with the company to make sure they have their trucks properly outfitted and that they have all of the necessary paperwork completed.

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