How Do You Find a Job That Is Right for You?


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To find the right career, an individual must first identify jobs that match his interests; he can use a career test to find out what he enjoys doing. He should then research specific careers to find out the average salaries and the projected growth within each industry. After identifying a potential career, an individual should evaluate the skills he needs in his new career.

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Talking to people who are already in his chosen career should give the job seeker an idea of what it is like to work in a particular field. In most cases, brainstorming with trusted friends or a mentor may reveal hidden transferable skills that an individual may not identify on his own.

An individual should start developing skills that he needs in his new career that he may be lacking. He can use several ways to develop such skills including utilizing his current position to get free training from his employer. He may also be able to use resources available in his community, such as training programs offered by the local chamber of commerce, or he may take classes. In some cases, he should consider starting his own business, especially if he is committed and passionate about his business idea.

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