How Do You Get a Job While Pregnant?


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If a pregnant woman is not yet showing during an interview for a new job, she is not legally obligated to disclose her pregnancy to the employer, says Elizabeth Bromstein of Workopolis. If the pregnancy is obvious, Bromstein recommends having a solid plan in place to discuss maternity leave. The employer will want to know how long the employee needs off and whether she wants contact while absent.

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Job hunting while pregnant is not much different than regular job hunting, says Bromstein. Employers are not legally allowed to discriminate against a potential new-hire for being pregnant, but there is usually no way to prove that a woman's pregnancy was the cause for denial if she doesn't receive the job. While there is no law obligating a woman to disclose her pregnancy during an interview, experts recommend broaching the topic during the later stages of negotiations once a woman has been offered a position and has decided she would like to accept it.

The employer may resent the woman for being secretive if the pregnancy comes as a surprise after she has already been hired. Employers are forced to accommodate a pregnant employee during her doctor visits, delivery and maternity leave. It helps if an employer is able to prepare for this in advance. Employers may respect a woman more for being upfront about her pregnancy, says Bromstein.

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