How Do You Find Job Postings for Auto Mechanics?

job-postings-auto-mechanics Credit: Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

Find listings for auto mechanic jobs on websites such as CareerBuilder and Craigslist. These sites offer a variety of mechanic jobs postings for positions both local and around the country.

CareerBuilder features a large selection of auto mechanic positions to search and browse. Using the site’s extensive search feature, narrow down results by city, state, category, company and date posted.

Craigslist also offers listings for mechanic jobs in different cities and regions. To access these, choose a regional page, and browse the Jobs section. Users can typically find auto mechanic jobs listed under the Skilled Trade/Craft section of the Jobs board. Craigslist allows users to find nearby jobs easily, but the site is not as efficient for users who want to search for jobs in different states or cities.