What Job Positions Are Open for Metro North?

The Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA, of New York features a free tool on its website that allows people to browse and apply to jobs available at its different agencies, including Metro-North Railroad. The only requirement to use the tool is agreement with MTA's privacy policy, as stated on MTA's website.

MTA's job search tool lets prospective search for openings posted during the previous week, month, 3 months and year. Applicants can search for openings from other MTA agencies in addition to Metro-North Railroad, such as MTA Headquarters, Capital Construction, Long Island Rail Road, New York City Transit and MTA Bus Company, as noted at the website for the MTA job search tool.

  1. Visit the MTA website
  2. Access MTA's official website with a browser. Click the "Employment" link in the page header to go to the MTA Employment Opportunities page, and then click the "Metro-North Railroad" link. Read the MTA's privacy policy, and click the "Agree" button to continue.

  3. Search for open positions
  4. Check the "Metro-North Railroad" box in the "Select MTA Agencies" section. To search for jobs posted from a particular period, click the "Posted Within" drop-down menu and select a time. To search for a specific job, enter text in the "Search For" field. Click the "Search" button to find results. To perform a more detailed search for openings, click the "Advanced Search" link. Enter relevant keywords, select the location of the position and the type of job desired. Indicate whether full-time or part-time work and regular or temporary work is preferred by choosing from the drop-down menus. Enter the desired pay and a job opening ID, if applicable. Choose the timing of the job posting and determine if results should appear by date posted or location. Click the "Search" button to proceed.

  5. Review results
  6. The number of available openings appears above the search results. MTA's job search tool organizes the results based on the posting date of the job, its title, ID number and location, and it displays 10 positions per page. If there are more than 10 results, click the "Next" link to continue to review the listings.

  7. Evaluate a job posting
  8. Click on the link for the desired job posting for more information. The job description page provides information such as the application deadline, compensation, organization information, position objective, responsibilities, required qualifications, preferred qualifications, required education and experience, preferred education and experience, selection criteria and how to apply.