What Is a Job Orientation?

Job orientation is an event held by employers that introduces new employees to their work environment. Employees learn about company policies, benefits, specific job duties and other pertinent information during this time.

Job orientation is typically held on a new hire's first day of work, and it can last a full day or longer. Employers use this time to provide new employees with more information about the company, including its mission and vision for the future, codes of conduct and employee expectations. New staff members also meet their co-workers and leadership team during orientation.

A great deal of information is shared during orientation. Individuals should be prepared to take notes and ask questions. Employers often show new hires where to park, where to clock in and out, how to apply for benefits and where they are working. New employees also learn about the proper dress code for the job.

Individuals can prepare for job orientations by arriving early and having all personal information readily available. If a new hire is unsure of what documents are needed, he or she should call ahead and ask a member of the human resources department. New staff members may need to bring proper tax information, government-issued identification, social security cards and banking information to set up direct deposit on their first day of orientation.