What Are Some Job Opportunities for Spanish Speakers?

What Are Some Job Opportunities for Spanish Speakers?

Job opportunities for Spanish speakers include linguists, children’s book authors, lexicographers and diplomats. Bilingual employees tend to earn more compared to their non-bilingual counterparts in the same positions.

Linguists are in demand, especially in the research and translation fields. A degree in Spanish and fluency in the language helps to improve the chances of getting hired for this position. Linguists are mainly concerned with the development and spread of language.

Spanish speakers with creative minds can also succeed as children’s book authors. Many parents prefer to teach their children a second language from a young age, and bilingual children's books are a convenient way to achieve this. Books written in both English and Spanish are now very popular.

Lexicography deals with researching, writing and proofreading dictionary definitions. Spanish to English translation dictionaries are in demand because they allow Spanish natives speakers to easily translate phrases and words into English and vice versa.

Lastly, Spanish speakers with the right educational background and experience can find jobs as diplomats. Government jobs provide a stable income and additional benefits. A diplomat’s job involves translating, negotiating and researching information. The U.S. government also hires interpreters who facilitate communications between parties in real-time. The job involves translating at community speaking events and political meetings, among other places.